A MUST Watch Webinar

  • Understand what it means to have a prolapse
  • Learn what exercises you need to do (besides Kegel's)
  • My secret ingredient that is an absolute game changer to improving your prolapse

Feel empowered that your prolapse can get better, and learn what you need to do next, all in this 17min webinar!


This Webinar is for you if...

  • You feel a bulging or heaviness in your pelvic floor or perineum
  • You feel like something wants to fall out of your vagina 
  • You can feel or see a bulge 
  • You want to learn more about what it means to have prolapse and what you can do about it
  • You want to prevent it from getting worse or want to prevent surgery
  • You want to learn about what you are missing with pelvic floor exercises 

Carly Wallace

Is a leading Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist who is specialized in treating incontinence and prolapse. She has helped hundreds of women all over the world ditch their pads and eliminate prolapse with her online programs.