Prenatal Pelvic Floor Birth Prep Classes 

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What are Prenatal Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Birth Prep Classes?

They are small group classes led by a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist aimed at preparing your body and pelvic floor for your growing baby and for preparing for labour and delivery. 


Why do Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy During  Pregnancy?

Doing Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial for a more comfortable pregnancysmoother labour and delivery and easier recovery post-partum. 

Improve the health of your pelvic floor and prevent issues that often show up around birth.

Become more confident and competent going into labour and delivery with regards to positioning and pushing.

Learn exercises to improve your pelvic mobility, your core, and your pelvic floor to support your growing baby and body, as well as make pregnancy, and labour & delivery go smoothly.

Learn what you should be doing in the first few weeks post-partum to ensure the best pelvic floor recovery. 

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During these classes you will:

  • Learn exercises to improve your pelvic mobility, your core, and your pelvic floor to support your growing baby and body, as well as make pregnancy, and labour & delivery go smoothly

  • Manage/prevent diastasis recti (splitting of abs)

  • Learn how to minimizeĀ tearing during delivery

  • Decrease changes of prolapse or incontinence during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Ā Teach you the best practices and methods to push your baby out that protects your pelvic floor

  • Teach you different labour and pushing positions

  • Teach you the stages of labour, what to expect and different relaxation and strategies for eachĀ 

  • Helps you prepare for post-partum

  • Help deal with back or pelvic pain

  • Tips to help you stay activeĀ 

  • And more!


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Clare M

I’m so glad I decided to see Carly for pelvic physiotherapy during my second pregnancy! She gave me exercises to manage bladder symptoms during my pregnancy, help prepare for a very smooth labour and delivery, and regain muscle strength and function postpartum. She was always professional and recommended regimens that were realistic to fit into life with a toddler and a newborn, which made it easier for me to actually do them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is pregnant or postpartum!

Caela L

Carly was such an important part of my pregnancy!! I had one goal throughout my pregnancy - don’t pee myself and with the help of Carly, that goal was accomplished! I had no idea what to expect walking into pelvic floor physiotherapy but I am so glad I connected with Carly! Carly is incredibly knowledgeable about connecting your pelvic floor with your diaphragm and is able to incorporate the exercises into your daily routines. I had no idea I was breathing backwards this whole time! Carly makes it really easy to work on your pelvic floor muscles and I couldn’t be happier working with her. I will definitely be following up postpartum to continue working on this important and often forgotten about part of my body!

Melanie P

Carly helped me with my pelvic floor after having 2 kids. Her friendly demeanour and very informative knowledge helped me feel comfortable to ask any questions I had without feeling silly. She also helped me get my body back to a great starting point to begin working out and back to start running. Highly recommend!

Michelle H

I saw Carly for pelvic floor physio during my pregnancy and being a first time mom she was so great at helping me better understand my body during pregnancy/labour and helped me use the right exercises to get me back to fitness goals after my baby was born! Highly recommend!

Caitlin J

100% would recommend! Carly has been helping me with pelvic floor issues after having my first child. The knowledge and expertise she has is amazing! I started seeing improvement very quickly! I would absolutely recommend her to all mama's!!!

Heather K

Working with Carly helped me feel so much more prepared on what to expect with delivery and the tips she gave me to use while pushing and giving birth helped so much!! I had 2 postpartum visits, one at 6 weeks where she assessed my postpartum body and pelvic floor and gave me some exercises to work on. I had a second visit about a month later. I luckily didn't have any problems with prolapse or my bladder. It was all SO helpful!! 

Angela C

I worked with Carly during my visits for pelvic floor treatments while pregnancy. She was extremely friendly and very informative. Will definitely be going back for additional treatments after the baby!!

Harleigh H

Carly has been a HUGE help for me while I prepare to give birth. Highly recommended. Clean, welcoming office.

Nicole S

Seeing Carly for pelvic floor physiotherapy twice in preparation before labour was extremely helpful for me. She explains the anatomy of the female reproductive system in an easy-to-understand way, that helps make the home care exercises she suggests very accessible. I felt much more confident for labour and delivery because of Carly. My whole experience at the clinic felt supportive, thorough and very safe. I would recommend Carly to anyone looking for support while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and post-partum, I just couldn’t imagine doing it without her!

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