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Incontinence without having kids

Why You Have Incontinence Without Having Kids

Bladder leakage is actually quite common in women who have not birthed any children. 1 in 5 women, or 20% of women who have not birthed a child will experience some incontinence.
There was a research study that was done trying to look at birth of a cause of incontinence post menopause. They did the study by looking at pairs of sisters where one sister had birthed a child, and the other sister had not birthed any children- and they found that there was no significant difference between the sisters for developing incontinence post menopause. 2 out of 3 pairs of sisters had the same fate- either they both developed incontinence, or both did not, suggesting there is a hereditary component to it.

We do know that immediately postpartum we are more prone to incontinence, but does not necessarily mean that later in life you will suffer with it,

There are also many cases where younger women, prior to birthing a child, have incontinence. These are likely do to a few different risk factors that may include:
✅Core strength and coordination
✅Low back pain
✅Impact athletes (running, gymnastics, track, running)
✅Pelvic floor tension/tightness

So don’t feel like you are alone, its more common than you think!

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