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Tired of Feeling Lost When it comes to your Prolapse?


If you feel lost when it comes to knowing what you can do about it, or if you feel like no matter how many Kegel's you do, it's never good enough, you're not alone.

We worry it will get worse with time, we worry it wont get any better and that it may require surgery. It affects our sex life, the ability to empty our bowels and bladder, and there aren't any black and white solutions out there.


Restore your Pelvic Floor for Prolapse

was created as a complete program with

  • A step by step exercise plan (beyond Kegel's) to reduce your bulging or dropping
  • Education on how to live life with your prolapse (lift, exercise, poop, sex etc.)
  • A way to track your progress
  • A support group to connect with other women going through prolapse as well.  

     With both educational and exercise videos, you'll learn a progressive exercise plan (beyond just Kegel's) to actually strengthen and eliminate the bulging, heaviness and even bladder leaks associated with prolapse. 



A Complete, Self-Paced, Life-Changing Program. 

For women who...

  • Feel a bulging, heaviness or feeling of falling out in their vagina
  • Worry about it getting worse with time
  • Avoid things like lifting or being active 
  • Feel worse as the day goes on
  • May have some incontinence 
  • Have tried Kegel's without success
  • Feel lost with what it all means and what your options are 

...Are ready to take action!

A Program that Works...

  • Let's face it, Kegel's aren't enough - let me show you the exercises you really need
  • Advise on living with prolapse- from lifting laundry baskets to weights, exercising, sex, bending down, pooping and more! 
  • Not just an exercise program for fit people- I'm not promising rock hard abs or to fit into a size 4- this is for real people, who want to live life without feeling a bulge or golf ball in their vagina 

Here is a sneak-peak into the first 6 weeks of this program: 


Learn the best way to strengthen your pelvic floor that works better than a Kegel. We are also going to learn how to relax and lengthen our Pelvic Floor. 
You have 4 exercises to complete daily this week. 


Learn all about pressure management and how that can keep your prolapse from bulging through the day (and also help those bladder leaks!). Also learn pooping tips with a prolapse. 


Learn how to connect your Pelvic Floor with your lower abdominals to take pressure off your prolapse. 

Plus constipation and diet tips to keep things flowing


You might be making your prolapse worse with everyday activities like laughing, coughing, yelling, sneezing. I'll show you how to remove unnecessary pressure on your prolapse with these activities (and stop leaking pee!). 

We're also going to talk about sex with a prolapse.


Hypopressives- A real game-changing exercise technique for prolapse. If you've never heard of hypopressives, you really haven't done exercises for prolapse before 


Adding gravity to your exercises. We feel our prolapse more after being on our feet for extended periods- yet we want to do Kegel's lying in bed? 

Weeks 7-12

We continue with weekly exercises routines and more topics like

  • Lifting (everything from laundry baskets to weights)
  • Techniques to live daily life with prolapse.
  • Everything you need to know about Pessaries 
  • Surgery info and when to seek more help
  • Exercising with prolapse 

For a Limited time- Try the first Week for FREE!

Try Week #1 of the program for free- you'll gain access to the first week of educational videos, exercise video, and printable exercise PDF, all for free! 



Meet and connect with other women in our private group to support one another and ask questions. 

Prolapse is not a death sentence, let's support one another.  




Most would describe me as a mother, wife, pelvic floor physiotherapist and small business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

After living with prolapse myself and discovering the severe lack of information out there for women besides Kegel's and surgery, I wanted to package it all up for you in 1 place. I was having so much success treating women 1:1 in my own clinic with these exercises and tips, I wanted to reach ALL women looking for an answer to their prolapse. 

Whether your prolapse happened post-partum, or post-menopause or somewhere in between- I want to help change your life with this program. 

Join our Growing Community

"I was having prolapse issues and wanted to avoid surgery. The exercises and education Carly provides is beyond what I have ever heard from my doctor or google searches. I've had a great deal of improvement and would highly recommend."

Sandy P

"I had so much anxiety about my prolapse after giving birth and whether I would ever be able to be active again with my kids and in life. Within weeks I started to feel better and after a couple of months I would never even know I had one. I'm so grateful to have found you Carly!" 

Katie W

"This program is truly amazing. I feel like I understand my body now and can hardly notice my prolapse. The tips in this course finally made me feel understood and actually helped me get back to regular life without bulging."

Sarah T

"I am so happy to say that after 8 weeks, I have seen improvement with my prolapse. I stopped having pelvic pain, and although I do have some bulging after I walk, it is nothing like before! My lower abs are getting stronger! It doesn’t hurt to sit down anymore! I am so thankful for you Carly!"

Annette P

"When I started this program I did not think anything was going to help with my prolapse. Well, since doing this program I am back to walking on the trails without pelvic pain or bulging within the first few minutes. Also, sitting down doesn't hurt anymore. I am also very thankful Carly that you offer this to women. I have a friend who is going in for her 3rd surgery on her prolapse as it keeps dropping. I can't even imagine that. I will stick with the program! Thank you again!!"

Ilona G

A big thank you to you Carly! I investigated several programs before joining yours and I am SO grateful I did! Just like llona, I didn't know if anything was going to help improve my prolapse symptoms, but I have seen much improvement! Less bulging and I am actually starting to breath and lift without consciously thinking of it everytime I lift or squat! Yahoo!! :) Good instructional videos too!!

Rebecca B

This has been a very, very effective program and I am grateful for it. It is much more comprehensive, beyond kegals, and with very sound physiology behind it to make it more efficient than any other program I've tried. I will definitely recommend it to all who are in need of such knowledge. Thank you!

Kathryn W 

I signed up for Carly’s 12 week course on Restore Your Pelvic Floor For Prolapse. I learned a lot about my pelvic floor and prolapse. Within a few course lessons, I was starting to using my pelvic floor properly and feeling a positive change in myself

Dawnelle P 




This program is for women at any age who:

  • Feel a bulging or heaviness in their pelvic floor or perineum
  • Feel like something wants to fall out of their vagina 
  • Can feel or see a bulge 
  • Have been diagnosed with or suspect a prolapse and want to be proactive to ensure it doesn't get worse
  • Want to learn more about what it means to have prolapse and the steps they need to resolve it
  • Are confused about what exercises they should do, or have tried Kegel's without success
  • Want to avoid surgery
  • Are frustrated with the lack of information or help available
  • Are ready to take action, and finally try a program that has education, exercises, support and results 




Billed monthly

  • For a Limited time- your first week is free! If you don't absolutely love it, just cancel and it wont cost you a dime 
  • Cancel anytime- there is no minimum
  • Print off your weekly exercise sheets to keep 
  • An affordable option over surgery recovery, pads or physiotherapy expenses. 

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  • Reduce your Prolapse for an affordable monthly fee
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  • Reduce your Prolapse for an affordable monthly fee
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