Bladder Leakage Holding you Back?

Bladder Leakage- no matter how big or small...

Bladder leakage can be frustrating, embarrassing and worrying on our minds.

Will it get worse? What if I'm out? 

It can affect our social life, our sex life, our confidence going out or exercising around people, and there aren't many black and white solutions out there.

What if I told you that you could see a change in your bladder leakage in just 21 days?? 

Restore your Pelvic Floor for Bladder Leaks

Jumpstart your pelvic floor and improve your bladder leakage in 21 days

  • a step by step educational and exercise program to reduce your leakage
    • Educational tip and exercises that change daily for 21 days
    • Bonus exercise videos
    • A plan to follow after to continue seeing improvements
    • With both educational and exercise videos, you'll learn exactly what you need to do (beyond just Kegel's) to actually strengthen and eliminate your bladder leakage. 
    • Simple exercises you can complete easily at home in 10mins or less 
    • Work at your own pace program, with lifetime access! 

A Complete, Self-Paced, Life-Changing Program. 

For women who...

Leak a little pee with things like coughing, sneezing, lifting, exercise etc.

Have trouble making it to the bathroom in time

Worry about it getting worse with time

Avoid things like going out or being active 

Worry about where the next bathroom might be, or having a leak in public

Have tried Kegel's without success or aren't sure how to start

Feel lost with what it all means and what your options are 

...Are ready to take action!

Here is how it works:

You get immediate access to an online course platform you can access from your phone, tablet or computer

-Short, simple daily tasks, tips, education topics and exercises for 3 weeks

-Then a simple plan to follow after

-Ways & strategies to implement exercises INTO your day, rather than taking time OUT of your day

-A work at your own pace format, and lifetime access – that means, if life gets busy and you get off track, the program will be here waiting for you whenever you are ready to get started again

-Optional BONUS workouts such as

            -Core and lower abs

            -Mom pooch exercises

            -Glute exercises

Will this work for me?

Restore your Pelvic Floor for Bladder leaks is designed for women of all ages who want to take control and improve their bladder leaks, including:

Women who’s leaking started Postpartum
Women who’s leaking started or worsened with Perimenopause, Menopause or Postmenopause



Most would describe me as a mother, wife, pelvic floor physiotherapist and small business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

After experiencing incontinence myself and discovering the severe lack of information out there for women besides Kegel's, pads or surgery, I wanted to package it all up for you in 1 place. I was having so much success treating women 1:1 in my own clinic with these exercises and tips, I wanted to reach ALL women looking for an answer to their leakage. 

Here is what others are saying...

Marion M

"This program is excellent. I can’t believe how much I’ve improved already & there is more to come. It makes so much sense & is far more effective than those old kegel exercises I’ve used for ages. Thank you Carly. You’re a life saver."

Amy D

"I actually declined traditional in-person physical therapy sessions for your highly specialized approach and knowledge base in this often overlooked area for women!
I definitely made the right decision- I can see and feel results!!!"

Stephanie L

"This program has not only been very insightful but motivating. I had pelvic floor therapy after my second child and my last physiotherapist pushed a completely different message, hence why I'm still here needing help. Thank you!"

Olena R

“My biggest take away – ‘it’s not just Kegels…’ There is so much more that we need to focus on when working on our pelvic floor. Our body is interconnected system. And second important point for me – we need to practice these exercises while moving  our bodies, not in static positions.” 

Peggy E

I take a weekly tap dancing class and have always needed a pad.  After the first ten days, it was not needed anymore.  This was despite all the jumping we do!  Today I hauled my tires out of the car after getting my snow tires on, and no leaking at all with lifting and carrying! 
Your course was a great mix of ‘why’ leaks happen physically with just enough ‘how’ to do things differently to prevent them.  I really liked reading the days lesson and then watching you explain.  You have a great presentation and teaching style, I loved how matter of fact your approach is.
-Peggy E

Meaghan Y

“Learning how our Pelvic Floor actually works was so helpful. Also, I’m not wearing pads to go out anymore! “

Jesse C

Being able to access it online and work at my own pace made this actually work for me.” 

A Few Topics You'll See:

  • 2 Things to do to Stop Leaking with Coughing and Sneezing
  • How to Stop Small Badder Leaks throughout your Day
  • How to Improve your Urges and Frequency of Peeing
  • What is Prolapse and What you Can do About it
  • How to do a Kegel Properly
  • What ELSE you need besides just Kegel’s
  • Why you are still leaking, even if you JUST went pee
  • STOP doing this to help your Pelvic Floor
  • How to Stop Leaking with Jumping
  • How to make them apart of your day
  • WHY your bladder is leaking, which makes it much easier to understand HOW doing the right things and exercises can resolve it!



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